Spomen galerija Ivana Meštrovića

Little is known about the detail that the great sculptor Ivan Meštrović, whom we usually associate with the karst of Dalmatian Zagora, was actually born in our county, in the town of Vrpolje.
In this small and picturesque village where the roads leading to the east, west and north of Slavonia and to nearby Bosnia cross, in the center, in a beautiful park, memorial gallery Ivan Mestrovich is placed , in honor of this great artist.

It was opened in 1972. and today has a permanent exhibition within which you can see the works of this Croatian sculptor of world renown and a large number of publications and documentation that speak of his life and work. Meštrović's valuable oeuvre includes sculptures in bronze and plaster, collections of documents, lithographic maps and drawings created from 1919 to 1923.