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To make it easier for you to get acquainted with the Border Posavina region, a region endowed with numerous natural attractions, rich culture, history and tradition, and a large hospitable heart, we propose a plan for a seven-day stay in the Brod and Posavina County.

Day 1: Slavonski Brod

  • • Festung – a baroque fortress, a zero-category heritage site that houses the Gallery of Modern Art, the fortress museum and the tambourine museum
    • Kej (“Quay”) – a long promenade along the Sava River with a beautiful sunset view
    • Franciscan monastery – a baroque building with rich altars and a large cloister
    • Rafts’ Street – an excursion site on the Sava River with over 100 rafts
    • Restaurant Uno – traditionally decorated restaurant with top quality gastronomic offer
    • Art Hotel Wellness – beauty treatments, massage, swimming pool
    • Sports Pools – three indoor pools and one outdoor pool
    • Restaurant Rodino gnijezdo (“Stork’s Nest”) – fish restaurant with unforgettable fish stew and carp on forks
    • Beer House –favourite evening gathering place of Brod’s residents, offering around a hundred types of beer


  • city pools Vijuš

Day 2: Active vacation in the east of Border Posavina

  • • Ramarin Ranch in Garčin – restaurant, apartments, horse farm, obstacle course, horseback riding tours, beautiful park with pond, children’s playground
    • Quad cross in Dubovik – driving quads on or off road, a driving school
    • Paintball Club Bunker in Gornja Vrba – paintball court, picnic area, zoo with pets, sports fields
    • Ruščica Zoo – numerous animals from all over the world
    • Wellness centre in the Hotel Eko Garten in Podvinje – beer and chocolate bath, sauna, steam bath, massages
    • Restaurant Grozd in Brodska Varoš – friendly staff and luxurious atmosphere


paintball club Bunker

Day 3: Nature and tradition in the east of Border Posavina


  • • Pond Dvorina near Donja Bebrina – protected area, lowland pasture, large pond with promenade, bird reserve, wooden gazeboes
    • Gajna near Oprisavci – protected area, bird reservation, lowland pasture with frontier-style chardak (belvedere), herds of Podolian cattle, Posavina horses and Slavonian pigs, quad off road riding
    • Restaurant Kuća Dida Tunje (“Dida Tunje’s House”) – a large, traditionally decorated restaurant with an excellent selection of traditional dishes, on a rural–style property with an exhibition of ancient crafts and a small pond
    • Meštrović Gallery in Vrpolje – birthplace of the sculptor Ivan Meštrović, a memorial gallery
    • Sikirevci lace in Sikirevci – an exhibition room in the community centre dedicated to this unique handicraft, the specificity of this area
    • Excursion site Mlaka in Mlaka near Sikirevci – a traditional excursion site designed as a farmstead with a children's playground, sports fields and a pet zoo.
    • Savus Grange near Bukovlje – picnic area with sports fields, a swimming pool and a traditional restaurant that cultivates and promotes local specialties and local products

kua dida Tunje

restaurant Kuća Dida Tunje

Day 4: Fish and wine in the west of Border Posavina

  • • Lake Petnja – an upland lake surrounded by forest, with a long promenade, and fishing opportunities
    • Jelas Ponds – a large commercial pond with a part reserved for wild birds, fishing opportunities
    • Fisherman's House – a restaurant that especially cherishes fish recipes
    • Slavonski Kobaš – a picturesque village along the Sava River with two extraordinarily beautiful churches
    • Stupnik vineyards – a wine road with numerous small wineries and tasting rooms
    • Stupnički Dvori – hotel and a restaurant with wellness centre, superb cuisine and excellent selection of wines from their own vineyards and cellars.


lake Petnja

Day 5: Tradition and customs in the west of Border Posavina

  • • Eco–ethno village Stara Kapela – an oasis of peace and tranquillity, numerous family-run economies offering accommodation, decorated in a traditional style, two traditional restaurants, promenades, gazeboes, a pond, bicycle paths, a museum exhibition of weaving, old crafts...
    • Pavletić Sculpture Park – a picnic area with a beautifully decorated vine sculpture park, and an exhibition gallery
    • Oriovac vineyards – a wine road with small wineries and tasting rooms
    • Kereković Estate – traditionally landscaped and decorated property with restaurant, paddock, and fishpond


wooden sculpture park

Day 6: Nature beyond the usual paths

  • • Orubica – a charming small village with a beautiful park, a church and a promenade along the Sava River; a place which upholds the unique traditional dance, the "Two-storey round dance".
    • Davor – a boatman's settlement with architecture that is unique to this area, a beautiful square and a well-maintained promenade along the Sava River.
    • Pasture Iva– a protected area, a vast pasture where numerous herds of Posavina horses live freely
    • Rainforest Prašnik – a remnant of ancient Slavonian forests, huge trees over 300 years old
    • Restaurant Dukat – a nicely decorated restaurant preparing typical Slavonian delicacies using their own produce
    • Okučani Memorial Area – a memorial room and a large monument dedicated to the military-police operation "Flash"


pasture Iva

Day 7: Nova Gradiška i Cernik

    • • Franciscan monastery in Cernik – beautiful baroque church, biblical–archaeological collection of unique significance, rich library
      • Kulmer's Castle in Cernik – a baroque castle with beautiful gardens
      • Opođe Estate near Cernik – a traditional restaurant, hotel and wine cellar
      • Strmac resort – sports facilities and swimming pool on the lake
      • King Tomislav Square in Nova Gradiška – a park, a city museum, two beautiful churches and catering facilities
      • Restaurant Slavonski Biser in Nova Gradiška – top quality local food and friendly staff


excursion Strmac