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  • Go remote! Five reasons for digital nomads to visit & stay in Brod-Posavina County

    Go remote! Five reasons for digital nomads to visit & stay in Brod-Posavina County

    Due to rapid technological development, and especially since the pandemic switched the way we organize and perceive our work environment, the notion of working remotely emerged into one of the most dynamic trends around.However, for all those eager to taste this sort of lifestyle, or discover a new and interesting work & travel destination, the question remains - how should I know if it is the right place to choose? To make things easier for you, here are five reasons why Brod-Posavina County should find a place on your wanderlust „bucket list"! Read More
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Get to know the people and the soul of Brod Posavina through the many events that take place throughout the year in our county.

Carnival Riding

Slavonian Posavina is home to numerous horse breeders. Each winter, during the carnival, these valuable keepers of traditional customs get an opportunity to proudly display their beautiful riding horses and gorgeous carriages. In many places along the Sava River, riders put on traditional uniforms and tour neighbouring villages in passing. This is an opportunity to socialize with song, tambourine and of course, a rich table! After all, where else today can you see a hundred horsemen, both male and female, dressed alike, in a light trot on these stunning noble animals?

Ruica pokladno jahanje 132

Carnival Riding

Bikers’ Meetings - motorcycle festival in Slavonski Brod

In the middle of May, when spring awakens the nature with all its might, in the forest near the most beautiful river beach in Europe, Poloj, near Slavonski Brod, many tents and stands are built. Soon the birdsong will be replaced by the thunder of the machines. Another type of horsemen arrive to Posavina - modern motorcycle riders. Brod’s motorcycle festival is one of the largest gathering places for two-wheels lovers in this part of the continent. The three-day event, attended by thousands of people, includes acceleration races, driving skills demonstrations, rock concerts, and beer parties until late in the night.

motorijada 2018 56

Bikers’ Meetings - motorcycle festival in Slavonski Brod

Brodsko kolo (Brod’s round dance)

Brodsko kolo is the oldest Croatian folklore festival, which differs from other such manifestations in that it is held throughout the whole year. However, the most attractive contents are still reserved for June, when folklore festivals, the election of the most beautiful Croatian woman in traditional attire, and costume shows are held in the city, as well as a parade of carriages, singing competitions, while the life of the entire city is wrapped in traditions and traditional apparel.

Brodsko kolo Korzo 211

Brodsko kolo - traditional folklor manifestation

Fishing evenings in Davor

August begins with the glorification and praise of fish and life along the Sava River with a large fish festival in the small boat town of Davor in the west of the county. Thousands of people attend this festival to enjoy the unrivalled skill of local specialists in preparing fish stews or carp dishes. Naturally, all this involves cheerful companionship and a rich music program.

Davor ribarske veeri 2019 39 2

Fishing evenings in Davoru

The CMC Festival in Slavonski Brod

Can you imagine a more imaginative summer setting for a festival of popular music than the spacious interior of an old artillery fortress?! Top production, sound and light effects adorn the concerts. A special feature of this musical event is the traditional rock marathon featuring well-known rock names and new musical rock hopes.

IMG 2828

CMC festival

Music Summer in Nova Gradiška

August ends with the Music Summer in Nova Gradiška, a manifestation held in the main city square, divided into four themed nights: rock, tambourine, popular music and folklore. At the same time there is a fair where you can buy many products from local manufacturers, and children will enjoy the huge amusement park.

Nova glazbeno ljeto dron 36

Music Summer in Nova Gradiška

Harvest time in Stupnik

September takes us to the vineyards because it’s harvest time. In Brodski Stupnik, in an area festooned with numerous vineyards and producers of quality wines, a cultural event is held to commemorate the beginning of grape harvesting. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with many customs, enjoy great food and drinks, but also good music and shopping from local winemakers.

stupnika BERBA

Harvest time in Stupnik

The Catherine Fair

At the end of the year, artisans from all over the region gather in Slavonski Brod to exhibit their products. This is an opportunity to view and buy the handicrafts of these hard working craftsmen in one place. But, as always in Slavonia, any gathering is a good excuse for great food, drink and singing. The specialty of this fair are the numerous small craft breweries and beer competitions held every night under the tent.


The Catherine Fair