Posebni ornitološki rezervat Bara Dvorina

Special ornithological reserve Bara Dvorina, an eco destination that should not be missed to visit, is located on an extended plateau between the Sava embankment and the Sava River. It is placed in the municipality of Klakar, in the east of Brod-Posavina County and covers an area of 726 ha.

It is a typical floodplain, which serves as a fish hatchery. Water is retained in the depressions and old backwaters throughout the year. On water surfaces we find water lilies and water lilies, the edges of the pond are overgrown with rushes, reeds and willows. It is home to many bird species such as the Crested Grebe, wild ducks, black coots, white-bearded terns ...
Beautifully landscaped pastures surrounding a large pond are maintained by grazing local cattle. It will take you an hour to to walk around the big pond, walking on the short grass, under the shade of the surrounding trees. You can observe the rich fauna, especially the wetland birds, from two tall observatories.

This location is an unavoidable part of a tour of Slavonia for every true nature lover.